48 hours In Hong Kong

Imagine, you’ve made it to Hong Kong with some of your closest girlfriends! You only have 48 hours to have the time of your life, no big deal. Like any major city, Hong Kong is packed with things to do around and under every corner at what feels like every hour of the day. Turn your next quick getaway girls trip into the journey of a lifetime – carefree selfies included.

48 hours In Hong Kong


Time to start the trip of a lifetime. Every adventure starts with breakfast! Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, no matter where you’re traveling, as it sets the tone for what the rest of the day can handle. Hong Kong is a fast paced city, so breakfast at The Cupping Room, in Central, Hong Kong is more than fitting. They are known for their tropically flavored premium blends of coffee, as well as their Breakfast of Champions breakfast/brunch menu. Start your day invigorated and fully fueled, there is quite a lot you have left to do. The possibilities are literally endless.


After a delightful breakfast, and now with an extra pep in your step, Hong Kong is waiting to be explored. Set your sights to Hong Kong DisneyLand, the renowned theme park on Lantau Island. It is one of the city’s largest theme parks. This spot is guaranteed nostalgia and a perfect way to add raw child-like joy to your girls trip.

Culture walking

In a city that never seems to stop, surprisingly there are a few spaces where time does indeed seem to stand still. If you and the girls are looking to stay well rounded and zen during your trip, then visiting the Tian Tian Buddha Statue or Giant Buddha – also located on Lantau Island in Hong Kong, may be the best next destination. The statue is said to represent the harmonious balance between man, people, nature, and faith. Avoid visiting the Big Buddha in bad weather though, as the statue is quite tall, and can lose visibility on rainy or extremely cloudy days.

Light up the day

Light up the day naturally with a healthy dose of Vitamin D on one of Hong Kong’s many beaches. The Pui O Beach in particular, is also located on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. The beach is known for its fine sand, along with access to swimming and sunbathing. This next location is a great spot for a sunkissed selfie or a fabulous lowkey photoshoot to model every bikini you couldn’t help but overpack.


Hong Kong is known for its dim sum! The streets are filled with some of the savoriest and mouth-watering spots all for a great price. Stop by the Dim Sum Square in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong for the best of the best in town. The group will be full and happy, all at a great price that doesn’t break the budget.


The beauty never stops in Hong Kong! It needs to be seen from all angles. The Ngong Ping 360 is a gondola style lift, located also right on Lantau Island, gives you the breathtaking bird’s-eye-view the trip needs. The aerial lift is one of Hong Kong’s leading attractions in tourism and might be a powerful landscape shot or the backdrop to your next series of triumphant vacation photos.


After sightseeing and eating your heart out, the city still has more to tell. Another cute idea for the girls trip checklist is to walk among the stars! Check out the real stars on Hong Kong’s very own Hollywood-style Walk of Fame, the Avenue of the Stars is located along the Victoria Harbour waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. The famous walkway is known for fantastic Chinese theater and the Symphony of Lights, an incredible night-time laser light show.


Time to wrap up the night with a good savory bite. Head on over to Yardbird, located in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. This stylish restaurant is known for Izakaya-style skewered, grilled chicken dishes and some truly unique cocktails. Location is key for a night to remember and this is a spot you’re gonna be glad the girls decided to cap the night at.

48 hours In Hong Kong


Take the perfect night out to the next level! Nightlife never ends – the streets are filled with plenty of nightclubs, bars, and other venues to choose from. Run on over to the Peel Fresco Music Lounge located in Central, Hong Kong. The tavern is known for infectiously groovy live jazz jam sessions. You might see a wild side of Hong Kong you never knew you were waiting for all day.

With a little bit of preparation and knowing your travel plan, you can fit so much into 48 hours in Hong Kong. Have fun!