Some of the best worldwide food blogs you can read these days

Right now, many people are missing out on the exhilarating experience of traveling to new and exciting destinations. To have the privilege of exploring another culture is one of the most incredible feelings out there, and the same goes for exploring its unique cuisines. Right now, while traveling is on pause for many of us, we can heal our gastro-tourism #FOMO by checking out these swoon-worthy food travel blogs that combine breathtaking views with delectable eats. Feel free to re-enact their delicious meals with DIY recipes and pretend you’re on the other side of the globe. What are you waiting for?

That’s What She Had

Meet Yulia. She travels the world and has a passion for all things food. Yulia’s page isn’t just one thing, though. It’s a beautiful mosaic of recipes, destination eats, and culinary examinations of different cultures from a fresh perspective. Her blog is broken up into “Destinations,” where she zooms in on must-try meals and restaurants from all around the world. She also features “Food Stories,” which offer more unusual (and sometimes hilarious!) op-eds related to food. Her latest posts include a guide to essential Russian foods, and a restaurant itinerary to Munich, Germany.

The best worldwide food blogs you can read these days

Girl Eat World

Food blogger Melissa is mostly famous for her mouth-watering pics on social media that show off tasty food and fantastic manicures, but that’s not all she focuses on. She has a whole other food blog that has tons of info on different cuisines, including Middle Eastern and Asian fare. She also has a surprising amount of content on festivals, nature spots, and other must-sees from the places she visits, giving us a hearty dose of culture content and foodie tips. From all over Asia to Oceania and Europe, this traveler has sought out all corners of the globe for her adventures.

Food and Road

Food and Road is all about a holistic food tourism approach from start to finish — or “end to end,” as they put it. The content on this site is quite unusual, with everything from a guide to the world’s best spice blends to explorations of a typical Brazilian nomadic dish. We also adore their recipe section, with sumptuous directions on how to make delicacies like butter chicken, Vietnamese egg coffee, Turkish scrambled eggs and more. They can even help out with tips on travel insurance, hotels, and flights. Who even needs a travel agent or tour guide anymore?

2 Food Trippers

Based out of Portugal, these food and coffee lovers are constantly trying new eats around the country, and consistently posting recipes and guides to inspire their followers. The adorable couple eat everywhere in their travels, including fine dining and street eats. They’ve won food travel blog awards and will make you and hubby feel like you’re on a virtual double date when you’re reading along. They offer distinct food travel experiences, and their additional “Destinations” page is organized by country, with a signature plate by their culture as the icon to click on.

The best worldwide food blogs you can read these days

Life and Thyme

Life and Thyme is more than just a food travel blog…it’s also a way of life. From their delicious cultural soups collection (Mexican Pozole or Hot Soba Soup with Soft Boiled Egg, anyone?) this website is a sublimely curated blend of not just special meals and experiences, but of the real essence behind what makes food so great: the people you share them with, and the stories that inspire them. If you’re looking for the real heart and soul of food (along with plenty of yummy bits) then Life and Thyme is definitely worth checking out.