Great diving spots in Australia

If life is feeling boring or monotonous lately, a trip to Australia is a surefire way to spice things up and rediscover your passion. The country isn’t just breathtaking – it has multiple time zones, a diverse range of surroundings, and some incredible diving spots. The options are endless: enjoy some sizzling goods off the barbecue, take a surfing lesson, or learn how to scuba dive.
From Sydney to the Gold Coast, Australia is the ultimate scenic place for your first or hundredth diving adventure. If you’re looking for an adventurous ladies getaway on the opposite side of the world, Australia is an exquisite choice. If you prefer to adventure alone, Australia is one of the safest and friendliest countries for women to travel alone to.

Dive the reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a majestic 2300 kilometer stretch that houses the most diverse marine life in the world. In Australia, the most popular bit of the world’s largest coral reef system is in Cairns. Many diving companies can plan and run your dive, but if you go farther, You’ll witness a more concealed oasis filled with the multi-colored reef, hundreds of fish, and massive manta rays.

Top diving spots in Australia

Southern Queensland

One look at the stunning turquoise coastline and you‘ll understand why this is a renowned diving destination that tourists flock to consistently. Much of this area is known for surfing and diving; allowing for close-up access to swim with the dolphins, loggerhead turtles, and other magnificent wildlife. No matter where you choose to explore in Southern Queensland, there’s no shortage of amazing flora and fauna in every direction.

The SS Yongala in Townsville

Townsville is a must-visit for diving or snorkeling due to its historical value. The SS Yongala sunk near Cape Bowling Green, Queensland in 1911, after it crashed into an underwater rock. The location is home to a famous wreck that people can go diving in, offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be immersed in the skeleton of the once statuesque ship known as the SS Yongala. The beautiful, sunken masterpiece looks like something out of the “Pirates and the Caribbean” series.

Diving for all levels at Glenelg

If you’re traveling with divers of ranging skill levels, Glenelg, sitting outside of Adelaide, is your best bet. It offers different options for everyone from amateurs to professionals. Those who prefer a shallow dive can explore the crabs, sea stars and other marine creatures on the jetty, while those looking to delve deeper can witness the Glenelg Barge wrecks or the tyre reef which has been a fish breeding ground since 1983.

Get remote at Rowley Shoals

If you’re looking for something truly exclusive, this location is remote and immaculate. Comprised of multiple ring-shaped reefs, Rowley Shoals is about 186 miles off Western Australia’s coast. Be warned, this isn’t a short excursion. Divers need to head to Broome first and take a charter trip which can last 4-8 days.

Top diving spots in Australia

Dive with the sharks at Port Lincoln

If hanging around the shallow end makes you roll your eyes, indulge your inner adrenaline junkie with an exciting cage dive. Immersing divers with great white sharks, this excursion offered by Adventure Bay Charters will bring you to the Neptune Islands to experience these regal but foreboding creatures. Port Lincoln is the only place you can have this unique adventure, and reaching it from Adelaide takes just under an hour by plane.

Whitsunday Islands

There are a whopping 74 islands that make up this diving spot. They span all the way between the Great Barrier Reef and Queensland’s northeast coast, making for hundreds of possible routes. If you need a break from diving, multiple sailing excursions and cruises set out daily. Resorts in places like the Hook Island and the Cumberland Islands offer a decadent sleep and spa experience after dives.

Diving in Australia is like getting exclusive access to one of the most jaw-dropping landscapes in the world. If you’re headed south or north, there’s no limit to the submerged secrets you can discover, while getting some killer underwater selfies in the process.