72 hours in Calgary, Alberta

Canada’s vast wilderness has loads of untapped discoveries and with all the options this large country offers, it can be difficult to pinpoint which area to visit. If you have a long weekend coming up and want to spend it away from home, we recommend picking a place that maximizes natural beauty and cosmopolitan comforts. Calgary, in the province of Alberta, offers cultural heritage, gorgeous landscapes, and exciting city life. Thrilling excursions, invigorating nightlife, and historical museums are waiting to be discovered here. Have 72 hours to fill? This might be the place for you.

72 hours in Calgary, Alberta


The National Music Centre is a great place to start your trip. With five levels of artifacts, instruments, and memorabilia, this will be a hit with any music lover. Take a stroll down Music Mile, a stretch of road connecting two of the city’s most walkable neighborhoods. Here you will discover some of the best music in the city as it fills the air down the original main street of Calgary. If you’re feeling peckish after this, you can head to the Beltline area. Here you will find a huge selection of bars and restaurants, any of which is sure to please. Ten Foot Henry is a restaurant serving North American cuisine and sporting a 10-foot tall statue of a comic book character named Henry, famous in Canada in the 1980s. The Vintage Chophouse and Tavern is a classic steakhouse coupled with international and unique food offerings. With the vibe of a speakeasy and the menu of a gourmet restaurant, reservations would be a good idea if you plan on eating dinner here.


After a day filled with music and dining, maybe it’s time to experience the natural beauty this city has in store. Snow biking is a popular pastime and offers a scenic view of the river along the cycle paths. During warmer months, a raft ride down the river is an exciting outdoor adventure. Rent a large or small raft and float the day away. The Calgary Zoo, backpacking excursions, and hot air balloon rides can be on the itinerary today; it’s all up to you. After a day of nature exploration, you’re bound to be hungry. Hailed as one of the best restaurants in Canada, Deane House serves food made with local ingredients in numerous uniquely curated rooms. For uber classy digs, reserve a table at Alloy. This restaurant ups the gourmet and the price point, but is a delicious way to spend your money. If fine dining isn’t really your scene, consider Cluck N Cleaver. Frying up some southern-style chicken is their specialty, but they’re no one-trick pony. Their menu runs the gamut of comfort food, and will have you feeling like you’ve just eaten a home cooked meal.

72 hours in Calgary, Alberta


What’s the best way to spend the last day of your trip? We suggest taking in the culture and local fare of the area. The Heritage Park Historical Village is an entire town designed as a replica of what life was like in Calgary in the late 1800s. Explore a frontier sawmill or a recreated fur-trading fort. Visit a piece of sports history at the facilities set up for the 1988 Winter Olympics. Open to the public, parts of the complex are still being used for training. Before you head for home, check out the Calgary Farmers’ Market and enjoy local farm-fresh produce. Grab some goods for snacking on the road or find some artisanal treasures and souvenirs.

With so much to do, it’s no surprise you can’t fit it all into one long, fun-filled weekend. The good news is, you can do plenty of things that will fill your days and nights and provide a memorable Canadian trip. Some things need to be planned ahead or reserved, but for those looking for the zest of spontaneity, Calgary has loads of unplanned adventures in store, too. Whatever you decide on doing, here’s hoping you have a blast.