The best places to eat in Canada

Oh, Canada! Home of the most polite humans in existence, as well as bitterly cold winters, and the stunning Niagara Falls. However, when it comes to food, some people can’t see any further than the national delicacy if maple syrup which, while incredibly delicious, is not the only tasty thing to eat in Canada. Here are some of the best places for a meal.

Araxi Restaurant and Oyster Bar

If you find yourself in Whistler, be sure to treat yourself to a meal at Araxi – it’s certainly not cheap, but it’s wonderfully decadent and a fantastic date night option. There is so much to enjoy from the Pacific Northwest menu, but the real highlight is the obscenely vast drinks list -15,000 bottles in fact! And of course for dessert (if you can fit it in) a luxury cheese board and perhaps another glass of the good stuff.

The best places to eat in Canada


If you are looking for the best Indian food in all of Vancouver, you absolutely have to head to Vij’s. Although the menu isn’t huge, every item is full of flavor, and the best way to eat it is to order as much as you can to share between a group of you so that you can sample as much of this cuisine as possible. For meat eaters, you have to try the lamb popsicles, but if you are a vegetarian, do not fear, there is a vast range of meat-free options, including the very popular eggplant in yogurt curry. Be sure to wash it all down with a chai tea for the perfect evening,

Lot 30

Although Lot 30 is primarily known as a craft brewery, you are missing out if you don’t grab some food while you are there! The pulled pork egg rolls or honey garlic crispy cauliflower are perfect for a shareable snack, or for something more substantial, check out the wild bison burger, or grilled pork, lime and apple plank. Ask the barman what drinks they would recommend to go with your chosen dish too – it’s what they do best.

Lighthouse Picnics

This is a really unique place to eat that is as much an experience as it is delicious food. Lighthouse Picnics will provide you with a blanket and a stunning, organic picnic (very Instagrammable!), that you can eat sat in a field, looking out to the breathtaking ocean view. You’ll certainly need it after you hike the 2km to get to the destination, but as a date, or even as a group of friends, it’s such a fun way to spend a few hours. Expect a delicious sandwich on oatmeal bread, a mixed salad, a mason jar of fresh lemonade, and a dessert of your choice, ranging from brownies to scones. They even have a children’s menu for little adventurers too!

The best places to eat in Canada


The setting of this restaurant is just as exciting as the food it serves as it is based in a stunning mansion from 1891, where you will find yourself sat in either the old bedrooms or living rooms. The level of service, and the difficulty getting a table, mirrors this regality. The food itself changes weekly but is said to be absolutely incredible.

Canada is famous for so many different dishes, from poutine to pierogies, and salmon jerky to Montreal bagels. So sure, gorge on maple syrup, it would be rude not to, but check out these other options too, eh?